SPRING 2024 Learn to Skate enrollment WILL OPEN 3/11/24

SPRING 2024, will be show rehearsals Saturday’s 210-310 for any level skater currently enrolled in classes, or that has been in enrolled in the program in the past. And a few new fun classes 310-350p. Classes listed BELOW:




Learn to Skate USA classes are the foundation for both Learn to Play Hockey and Freestyle Figure Skating. The levels are developed by Learn to Skate USA and are designed to be the best beginning ice-skating program. This program caters to the need of both the recreational and the competitive skater.

Program Details:

  • Parents do not participate on the ice with their children for any level. *EXCEPT, New this year, we will offer a short Parent/tot class at the end of the season, see schedule below
  • Lessons available for ages 3-Adults.
  • Make up lessons or refunds are NOT available for missed classes.
  • Price includes Rental Skates each week.  Hockey and Figure Skates available.
  • Please equip your skater with a HELMET, long pants (snow pants), warm coat and gloves each week for class. Helmets are required for all Beginner/Snowplow Sam, and Basic 1-5. Helmets are highly recommended but not required for Basic 6, Pre Free Skate and Adult levels. We DO NOT have Helmets to rent. 
  • NOTE: A Waiver Form will need to be completed and submitted to participate.


2:10-3:10P; 3/16, 3/23, 3/30 will be performance practices, where each class will learn about a minute routine to a song, which they will perform on our last day 4/6. Make sure you register for whatever level your skater is currently in, as they will be executing skills in their level during the performance. Any skater that has been apart of our program can register for the show. Beginners that have never taken lessons before WILL NOT be allowed to participate in the show. 


  3:10-3:50P NORMAL practices. These skaters enrolled in the 310p classes will NOT be performing in our show. 

  • Parent/Tot class, will be for any 1 adult and 1 of their children ages 2-5, participating together in the same class. If you have more than 1 child that would like to participate, the other child must be accompanied by an adult and registered separately. 
  • There will be 1 beginner class ages 3-6 for any skater that has never skated before and the parent will not join them. 
  • Learn to Play Hockey Class: Skaters must know how to skate on their own! They must also have hockey skates (that can be rented) AND a stick and hockey helmets (CANNOT BE RENTED). As much gear as you have the better, but hockey skates, a hockey stick and a hockey helmet are the requirements. These skaters, will learn basic terminology for hockey skating, as well as learn the proper way to hold a stick and pass a puck. 
  • Intro to Synchronized Skating:  Must Have passed through snowplow 3 to enroll Synchronized skating offers athletes the chance to compete with a team and learn the value of teamwork and camaraderie. Formed in 1956 by Dr. Richard Porter, the sport was known as “precision skating” for the intricate moves skaters perform on the ice together.”  More information on this can be found HERE

*Lastly, when inputting information, make sure when adding a new participant, you are putting the skaters name and date of birth. Not your own. Once enrolled, unless you hear from the director within a few days saying you were not accepted, means you have been successfully enrolled. You will receive a Welcome email a few days before the start of the session that will go into further detail of the class.